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How to do SEO on Websites in 10 steps


In today’s technological advanced world, there is nothing that could be done without having to use internet and also without using any search engine. But whats the science behind that search engine, how and what particular stuff would appear on that search engine if a user search any specific keyword, this science is called the search engine optimisation.

Humans have added a lot of content of their choice on the internet, they are selling their stuff, they are writing about their stuff, they are talking to friends over the internet. Hence, anything that appears on the first 10 pages of a specific search engine; whether it is google or bing or any other search engine, has to be optimised and how it will be optmised is another story. There are specific keywords that are linked to a particular product or a software that should be used on a particular website, for that website to appear on the first 10 pages or on the first page of the search engine.

For instance; I want a BMW car, hence I will search that keyword on a search engine and only such websites would appear on the first 10 pages that are either selling that car or being optimised or searched or clicked a lot by users. Hence, these websites are popular among the users, because millions access them with the same keyword. Therefore, in the same way the search engine optimization is being done, the SEO technicians or the SEO team has to optimise the webpages according to the content required by client about a specific thing or a product, they have to otpimse the speed of the page, so that it is highly responsive and its load time is very less as compared to other webpages that are available over the internet that are linked to the same keyword or a particular product.

Additionally, they have to build backlinks which means a certain number of legitimate websites should also refer to the same webpage, or provide legitimacy of that particular webpage. Its just like your peers, who would provide references for you that you are a good man or the right man for a particular job, or the people who had tried and tested your services and are being happy to recommend you. Hence, this blog will provide you with 10 suggestions that how you can rank or optmise your website according to the current rules of SEO.

Step 1: Keyword Research for laying the foundation of the your website and making it known to the consumers

As explained in the introduction that if you are fresh graduate, you undertake a job and build positive references at various locations so that you can be referred by your previous employer, who witnessed you as an asset and they would be happy to recommend you that you can be an asset to anyone else’s company. Hence, laying the ground work is about making links of your website on other legitimate websites that are old in the business or have already earnt a name for themselves on internet. There are various tools that can be used that which website should be targetted for making links, you can also write blogs and add links of your website on those informative blogs and ask the website to either take some sort of payment from you for posting that blog on their website or just post that informative blog on their website for free. Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush are vital tools that can be used to assess where your competitors are building their links and you can follow the same process. Additionally, you can also follow the current links being posted by you on different websites. Because, beware some other competitors might post the links of your website on un-ethical websites so that your websites could be thrown out of the websites and then your website would never be ranked.

Step 2: On-Page Elements are crucial which means that your own house should be cleaned also after you build the backlinks

This means that what is the condition of your own webpage, does it have visually alluring content, the content present on your website is easily readable, is it according to the customs and traditions of your targetted audiences. There are various questions that you can ask in this context and therefore, such questions should be asked in order to rank or optimise the on-page elements of your websites. Some websites loads very slowly, and the users just switch to other websites that are loading pretty faster, hence it is also one of the things that what is the loading time of your website, again it should be lesser, choosing the correct servers to host your website is another aspect that should be looked at, in order to optimse the on-page SEO and also to rank your website on first 10 pages of google and bing.

Step 3: Create High-Quality, Relevant Content and Technical seo

Without the content there is no particular SEO strategy that anyone can follow, users browse the websites because they are consuming alluring and attractive or readable content . No content, means no SEO, hence you can never rank your website on first few pages of google search engine. Develop high-quality, relevant, and valuable content that caters to your audience’s needs. Regularly update your website with fresh content, be it blog posts, articles, or multimedia. Google loves fresh content, and so do your visitors. Technical SEO means that you are also looking at parts of your code that are contributing to the higher or additional load time on your websites, so if you optimise or remove or write your code efficiently, then it means that your website will perform better in terms of SEO of other websites, its loading time will also get lesser. This includes things like improving your website’s loading speed, making sure that your website is mobile-friendly, and fixing any broken links.

Step 4: Focus on Mobile Optimization

Mobile device are huge contributers to the content that is currently present on the internet, now people can easily browse news, writers can write blogs, send emails, communicate through their cellphones. Hence, the webpages should be optimised according to the mobile phones criteria, every mobile phone has a certain screen size , therefore the banners, the picture size also differs from the cellphones for instance if you are using a 6 inch led screen, the the content on 5 inch cellphone would appear differently, hence the content should be optmised according to different and all kinds of mobile and tablet devices. Since, in today’s day and age, everyone from age 7 onwards is using a cellphone and consuming different kinds of content.

Step 5: Improve Website Loading Speed

Website loading speed is another aspect that significantly contributes towards the ranking of any particular website or webpage. Therefore, there could be various aspects for instance if the could is not being optimized on webpages, hence its not efficient and its contributing heavily towards the time taken to load the webpage. Otherwise, the content in the form of pictures or videos is not being optimised, meaning if pictures are in high definition and each picture is taking about 10 or more mbs of space, that is going to affect the website loading speed. Page speed insights can also be gathered from google webmaster tools, additionally other software packages or online websites can also assist in providing the main cause between higher loading times. Therefore, the size of videos or pictures should be in kbs so that it would not affect the overall webpage loading speed of the website.

Step 6: Strong Internal Link Structure building is necessary for every website

Internal webpages should be strongly referring to each other, this means that inner correlation of webpages should also be strong. For instance a service provide could assist its client with the link of the cart or the order now page. Hence, a webpage that is selling accessories of computer should be assisting that which page should be visited next to place the order. Clear hierarchy of internal linking provide effective internal linking strength to a website. Other high-quality websites could also be linked to the webpages of the website to give more approval to its overall SEO-rankings.

Step 7: Earn High-Quality Backlinks

As mentioned before, if you have stronger references meaning backlinks that means you have a renowned profile on the search engines. This means that legitimate website like msn or yahoo or google should be referring to your website. Which means your friends are in the high places hence you also deserve a higher place just like them. This provides extra acknowledgment and legitimacy to your website, you are able to rank your website through earning high quality backlinks. Additionally, you should always look towards getting a link through posting a high quality informative blog or through high quality video or pictorial content.

Step 8: Leverage Social Media

Social media has now become the word of the mouth, when it speaks this means that millions around the world are speaking at the same time. Therefore, the word of mouth travels fast at social media and it should be leveraged with its full capacity by the SEO managers to rank their websites. Because the marketing levels at social media platforms are extensive, a post can reach millions of people, a blog can also reach millions of people all around the world, additionally, with specific criteria and segmentation it could affect millions around the world. This would rank the website as fast as possible and will provide effective legitimacy and in a short while the website will be able to develop. a good reputation for itself, and it can. be accessible by millions, meaning it will be ranked at around 1 to 10 pages of google search engine or any other renowned search engine.

Step 9: Regular SEO Audits should be conducted for improving the overall heath of website

SEO unlike any other process is an on-going work, which provides better reputation and ranking to your website. If any individual is handling a WordPress website then they should be able to look after their website by regular updating their plugins and WordPress updates should also be incorporate, so that the software are all updated at all times. Similarly, the website should be audited on weekly or monthly basis to assess the overall performance of the website and to ensure that the ranking of the website is not declining but it is being maintained at a good spot.

Step 10: Stay Informed and Adapt

SEO criteria is changing very fast, since software developers and SEO managers are able to find the ways to rank their website, the google and other search engine companies are therefore also making it hard to rank any particular website. But even then there are given ways through which the websites could be ranked. Therefore, the current criteria should be followed in order to rank any particular website that is either selling products or providing software services.

Additional tips

  • Use your keywords throughout your content, but avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Make sure your content is well-written and easy to read.
  • Monitor your website’s analytics to see what’s working and what’s not.
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